Building costs got me down

I couldn’t really afford to buy anything on the market here. So I saved my money, bought some land with cash. Now it seems it would have been cheaper to buy something already built. I was expecting estimates of around $80,000 to be too high and all I’m getting are quarter millions and 236 thousands for a little 2BR 2BA cinder block house on stilts!
Give me a break! For a quarter million dollars I’ll send myself to bricklayers school and build my own. The bank wasn’t reasonable, so I saved my own money. The real estate agents were elevating prices so I found my own land and bought it myself. Now I’m not going to play any games with the effin’ builders!
Do I have to do everything myself??!!!

0 responses to “Building costs got me down

  1. If you can get the wood, I’ll bring the nails…Renee has said she’ll help hammer.The answer to the very last question is “YES, everything has to be done on your own if you want it done right” Unfortunate but true in this day and age.

  2. Just a thought, and maybe one you don’t want to entertain…Here the local high school and vocational schools will build for next to nothing, for the experience. It’s unbelievable, the cost of building at the moment. I suspect though, it shant be long, before the market looks a little better.

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