Switching computers

I have two laptops. A 15 inch Toshiba and a 17 inch Toshiba. Over the past few days, I’ve been switching over from the 15 to the 17. The 17 has a better screen and soundsystem. The 15 is a LOT easier to carry around.
Both laptops seem to have problems, the 17 seems to freeze up once in a while, and the 15 has an intermittent battery problem. I’ve taken the 15 in for repair twice and it consistently works perfectly there.
I think it may be time for a new one. A 4.5 inch laptop. I saw it last time I was in the US. It is SWEET!

It runs Windows XP, just like any other computer.

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  1. that’s crazy…I had a Toshiba laptop that kept shutting down randomly. Apparently they had a problem with the bios and the temperature guage so that it thought it was overheating and shut down to save itself, although the temp was just fine. I took it in to have the firmware updated and no problems after that.

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