5 things:

I’ve been simutaneously tagged by Shoo Shoo, Daisy and Froggie Mom to do a list of 5 things:

In my purse/wallet:
Drivers license, American Express (don’t leave home without it) A key to my car (usually, but not now, since my car’s in the shop). Insurance card and government fuel card. very little money

In my Refrigerator:
grape Cool-Aid, water, wasabi, turkey, bread and cheese

In my Closet:
Clothes, shoes, a half dozen or so wetsuits, multimeter, and boxes of books and computer parts.

In my Car:
XM receiver, a stuffed animal that my ex-niece gave me, A friendship bracelet that an ex-girlfriends daughter gave me, a big bottle of water for if I need to rinse off after the beach, usually my bailout bottles for diving but not now, because my car’s in the shop.

I tag: Restless Me, Southern Sweetheart, Ashman (’cause he never says much, just posts pictures), Moxey Poxey, and Anduin.

This was an easy post.

Not another Monday

That was the shortest weekend I remember. I can’t believe it’s Monday.
Yesterday I went back in the canals on my bicycle. I’ve been back there a lot, but yesterday I explored them quite extensively.

Typical road, with canals on each side. This one has small canals

I went to my old spot where I used to go with my dog. It is not far from where I used to live when I was married. I also went to the farther parts where I had never been before. I found a spot that was in the North Sound that was quite a nice spot. Also it would be good for putting my Kayak in the water there. There was someone back there fishing.

End of the road at the North Sound

There were a lot of iguanas back there, there always are. The canals were dug as part of an old mosquito program. I guess they are still part of of it. Also there’s two big ponds. after hurricane Michelle, they put the turtles from the turtle farm there.

water control gate

I felt like I was hurrying all weekend to do what I wanted to do, and never had a chance to really kick back and relax. It was a way short weekend. Also, without a car, it’s harder to spend money! I like just having a bike (in a way).
I couldn’t get Windows 2000 to work on my laptop, so I put XP back on it, which means I wasted my time totally. With 2000, when I loaded the video driver, the screen stayed black and I couldn’t think of any to fix it except reinstalling Windows. I tried 2000 a few times but then just said “fukkit”.
I don’t wanna go to work this week. I really don’t. I wasn’t done with the weekend.

Nothing happening

I went to the beach for a long time yesterday. I’m working on my tan. It seems like nothing happens though, except my white parts get whiter! I did a little snorkeling but it was a little wavy so low visibility. I have a thermometer on my watch and it showed 130 degrees F in the sun. Did you know that whenever they say the temperature on the TV or Radio that it is always in the shade? I like it hot! The hotter the better. I’ve seen 142 degrees F on my watch before.
Today is more of the same. Beach.

I have two laptops and two desktop computers. The laptops are Windows XP. The desktops are Windows 2000, commercial version, no serial number required. To me, 2000 has always been better that XP. But almost everyone I know disagrees. I’m thinking about putting 2000 on one of mylaptops, just to see how it works. I’m worried about the drivers. They came on my Toshiba CD that came with the laptop, but I wonder if I can EASILY extract them for windows 2000 to use. . .
Maybe I’ll give that a go today.

Slow starting Friday

I stayed up last night watching the movie “Signs”. I had seen it before but it was good again.
Normally I go to bed about 9PM. Last night I went at 11:30. I woke up at 3:30 with a backaache (from riding my bicycle?) and I took some ibuprophen and went back to bed.
But it was hard to get up. I got up at about 40 minutes late.

My landlady called yesterday. She’s cranking the rent up more that 15%. And she wants me to sign a new lease. I really don’t want to sign a lease, as I hope to have a house built to live in by 6 months of so.

I didn’t get my car back, I went to pick it up and I found a lot more rust. I told you I thought the price was too low! Now I’m pretty much going to get all the body work done. I probably won’t have a car all weekend. Heck- I definitely won’t. Its FRIDAY!

Bike Ridin’ paypaya grower

A long time ago I planted some Papaya seeds, a long time ago like 2 weeks. They didn’t come up and I was beginning to worry. But this morning, Ta daaaa! 3 out of 4 little papaya plants are growing. Maybe the fourth will come up today. I planted them from seeds of a papaya I ate.

My car is still in the shop. I rekkon I’ll get it back today. I rode my bike home yesterday and will ride it in today. It amazes me that people are amazed that I ride my bike to and from work. It’s less that 10 miles. I bought one of those geeky helmets. As a car driver, I take a biker with a helmet more seriously that one without. Like they’re a tri-athlete or professional bike rider or something.

I’ve been thinking about buying a Vespa. Instead of paying $70 a week or more for gas I could pay $6 every other week. the only problem is that I’m worried about killing myself. I don’t quite understand why I am worried about wrecking or getting run over on a Vespa more than my bike. On my bike, I could get run over by a Vespa! Maybe it has something to do with an engine, or license plates. On a Vespa, I’m in the same class as a car in some ways, but on a bike, maybe I think drivers have an obligation to look out for me. . . I dunno.

Act Normal

Today I have an appointment to get some rust fixed on my car. I’m kind of having reservations because of the expense, but it’s going to be less than 200 dollars. I guess I should get it done.
Because . . .
I found out the other day that my inspection expired in JANUARY! that’s 7 months ago!
When I first noticed, I thought I must have scraped off the wrong sticker after after having it inspected, but no. the paperwork says it’s way overdue!

I’ve been driving around for seven months in ignorant bliss, and I haven’t been stopped, but you can bet your bottom dollar that now that I’m driving around with a guilty conscience, I’ll get busted for sure!
So I might as well get my brakes fixed too, and that WILL be expensive!
Plus I got that dirt theifin’ thing to worry about . . .
I hope my next couple years of posting aren’t coming at you from JAIL!
Yesterday my life was SWEEEEEET! Today I’m a cop-dodging fugitive!
I’m just going to try and act normal. If you see me around, you try to act normal too, OK?

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