Maryland USA

I’m at my Mom & Dads condo. I saw my Dad, he doesn’t look good, there’s no intellegence in his eyes. He didn’t seem aware that anyone was there, but when I held his hand he was feeling my hand, like trying to figure out what it was. If he has an itch, he scratches it, but that is about it. He can’t talk or walk or get out of bed. He is always trying to take off his oxygen mask and he pulls his IV tubes out.
My Mom is doing things like showing me where paperwork is and discussing wills and burial plots and stuff.
Not happy days.

Here I go again

Here I go again, on another trip I’d rather not make. I’m gone for one week. I’ll be seeing my Dad and also I plan on going down to visit my house in Virginia. Right now I’m waiting for a taxi. I’ll be posting while I’m gone, so I really won’t be gone-gone, just somewhere else.
Here’s a picture I took from the car on the way home from work.

I’ve got much better things to do . . . . .

Than go to work today. Yesterday I went diving, then to the beach. Then came home and the next thing I knew the The OI Girl was calling and it was 6PM. So I must’ve taken a nap too. I could do all that again today, it’d be MUCH better than working!

The dive was excellent, it was turtle and grouper soup. We must have seen a dozen turtles and many more big groupers

Chris B and Turtle, clik to enlarge 

Don’t eat grouper, they are becoming rarer and rarer. 

Yes, this baracuda WAS as close as he looks!

Tomorrow early I am going to the US. I don’t have any desire to go, I’d rather stay inside the Marktic Circle, but I must. I haven’t been to my parents house in about 4 years. I’ll be gone a week, but I think I’ll be posting. They have internet up there. Allegedly.

Under 40 minutes

Well, I did the mile in under 40 minutes, but I will never know my exact time or what place I finished.

At the end of the race there is a kind of funnel that lines the swimmers up so there can’t be ties. The exit was too wide and too many swimmers could get through at once. Then there was a que to get your number card. There was people butting in line and I know that at least the girl who was right behind me got a number ahead of mine.
There were over 500 swimmers, and at the starting line, I saw maybe three people I knew. At the finish line, I saw a lot of people I knew, and they all beat me! Hmmmmmmm, I’m thinking maybe they didn’t swim and just showed up at the finish. . . . All of them, everybody I know!

At The Finish Line

Let me tell you about the girl who finished right behind me. For a long time, she was right next to me, and with every stroke, the water would open the front of her tiny red bikini bottoms and I could see all the way down the inside. Talk about distracting! (I’m not complaning) It is very difficult to swim with my head cranked over to one side the whole time! Makes it kind of hard to swim straight! (She was totally shaved, by the way!) I’m not sure whether having her next to me slowed me down or sped me up! I was staying right next to her but sped up and passed her at the very end.
After the race, they gave away random prizes but I didn’t win anything. (Remember last year? I won an airline ticket!)
Then I took down all the broadcast equipment and took it back to the station. My ankle was really sore after the swim, but feels surprisingly good this morning, and I’m going diving!

Out the door

I’m out the door for the Queens BDay parade. Then straight to the sea swim.
Yesterday afternoon I went across the street and swam my (somewhat) measured half mile. I swam OK and felt good. That was all the training I did for this swim. I came home and sat down and a half hour later my ankle was so stiff I can still barely walk. YOW! I have my boots laced tight and my only worry is walking down to the start from the finish line after I set up the equipment for the broadcast.

busy day

It’s Friday, this has been a very fast week. But it’s not over, tomorrow will be an extremely busy day. I have the parade in the morning and the swim in the afternooon.
My Dad is worse. He was in a home because my Mother can’t take care of him by herself anymore. He is not unconscious, but doesn’t talk or walk or recognize anyone. Now he has pneumonia and is in the hospital. I’m going to see him Tuesday of next week. I’m dreading my next credit card bill!
The swim is tomorrow, I haven’t trained at all, and my leg and foot hurts from where it was injured several weeks ago. Plus I have to set up the broadcast equipment before the race and take it down after.
Very busy day tomorrow.

Flying weeks

The days crawl but the weeks fly. Here it is almost another weekend already. I’m working the afternoon shift today, I’m waiting till the shade gets over to the side of the building where I’m working. I have a little sunburn (on my nose) from yesterday. I have lots of hats, but never one when I need it.
Saturday is the Sea Swim, and I forgot to mention that the Queens Birthday Parade was rescheduled after all last week. So Saturday is looking kind of busy. In the morning is the parade, then I have to move the equipment to the finish line of the sea swim, then swim, and then take all the equipment apart and back to the station.

Here’s some pics I took while Iwas in New York. I remember the Globe from the Worlds Fair when I was 4 years old. One is the Whitestone Bridge and the other is the Skyline, see the Empire State Building?