Less that 24 hours

In 24 hours, I’ll be in the air, headed SOUTH. Today I’m going to see and ex-girlfriend and her kids who I haven’t seen since They were 5. They’re 21 now. Born the same day I got out of the Navy.
That’s a long story. A major reason I don’t have kids today. In a nutshell, I waited for her through two marriages, in between which we were going to get together but she ended up fucked up on dope and pregnant, in that order. But her kids are fantastic and everything happens for a reason. I used to do a lot of dope too, and I could have taken more action than I did.
Anyway, tomorrow at 12:30 I should be back in Cayman. I may never see my Dad alive again after today and I’ve got a lot to think about and get sorted in my brain.

0 responses to “Less that 24 hours

  1. Just catching up after about a week of solid work. I knew there was a reason I kept thinking about you…I just had this gut feeling that things weren’t going so hot. I’m sorry about your Dad. Sounds like you need a good long swim somewhere down in the Marktic Circle.

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