Attack of the baby lobsters

This morning the alarm went off and I said to myself, “You’re on vacation, sleep late if you want to” So I did. i slept an extra hour! Now I’m running a little late but I’m trying not to get too worked up about it.
Yesterdays dive was great! the wreck is still there and relatively unchanged. There is a big barrell sponge in front of the bow that I can tell gets bigger and bigger. On the ascent, there were dozens of baby lobsters living on the rope. The one inch rope was about 3 or 4 inches in diameter because of all the sea life growing on it. The lobsters were crawling all over us. One crawled in one guys wetsuit and he was quite uncomfortable the last half hour of the dive.
They were all over the place. Here’s a pic, it’s out of focus, but you get the idea as to the size of these monster creatures. (He’s still alive and we threw him back after I took this pic)
Yes, everone is right, yesterdays abstract photo is the legs of the chairs and tables. Told you it was too easy!

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