Old Dogs

I got my cell phone fixed. They put a new SIM card in it. I still have the same number.

I feel very groggy this morning. I went out on my kayak yesterday and my shoulders hurt a little this morning. Also last night I rode my bicycle a little too.

I’ve been reading Lentula Vitae’s blog. Lately she’s been posting about the ill health of her dog. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have my dog. My dog is 5 but I still think he’s a puppy. He seems so “new” still. But he has a lot of grey under his chin and I keep getting reminded how old he is getting. I don’t know what I’m trying to say. I don’t want my dog to get old and die. Or yours.

The good thing is that it’s FRIDAY! I am painting a fence Sunday at the Botanical Park. I don’t really have plans other than that. I am really really glad it’s friday.


I’m at work, just dropped the OI girl at the airport. It was nice seeing her. She kept dropping little hints, like “when we get our house”. hmmmm
I’ve got a little work to do.
So I’m going to go.

New Girlfriend

No not me, my dawg.
Walking the dawg this morning, he met this girl dog. He was really coming on to her and she followed us home. She might be the mother of
PePe, the neighbors dog I was calling Gargantor. Now she’s outside, and won’t go home. I guess she’s pretty hot, for a girl dog, big ol dangling boobies, and nice perky erect


(what did you think I was going to say?)
Maybe I’ll get a picture of her later.

The OI Girl is here, still sleeping. And I’m going to get more coffee.

No news is good news

I can’t think of anything to post.

I went to get my phone fixed yesterday and they wrote down my symptoms, same as everyone else who has a phone like mine, and the customers who have data service. I didn’t get mad, I didn’t kill anyone and no Digicel employees were harmed by my visit.

The OI Girl arrives tonight for two nights and a day, I have the day off tomorrow.

Yesterday was a good day at work, I feel better when I’m productive. I can sometimes get away with this:
And then I notice that I don’t feel as good. People don’t do the right thing because they are good, people are good because they do the right thing. I have noticed that things go my way more when I am a good boy.

Special note to Carnealean: I think the only reason they said that the evening of the 19th was the best night to view Saturn was because the 20th was the equinox, which means that the Earths equatorial plane crossed its orbital plane. I don’t know what difference it could possibly make for someone looking at Saturn through a telescope. So if you have a chance to look through one of those big observatory scopes, then by all means do it! And tell us about it!

Ciao for now!

things work out

Today will be a busy day. I got a lot done last week, but today I have to tie up some loose ends. So I’ll be out running around out in town this morning like I did on Friday. Which is good!
It turned out to be a really nice weekend even though I didn’t dive. I got a call from an old friend who came to the island on vacation, and he had plans to go freediving with a friend who works at the dive shop. Small world, funny how things like that work out. I told him I was already freediving with this girl and we’d try to make it. Then I called her and asked if we could go with him, she said she wanted to go later and couldn’t make it that early, so we rescheduled (her idea). Then I went to the beach and when the time came to go, I didn’t feel like going, so I didn’t. I just stayed at the beach all day. I really don’t want to see an ex girlfriend, especially just the two of us, alone.
While I was at the beach, I went snorkeling with my camera, I took some pics. Blogger is giving me a hard time uploading them.

A gold and black lobster

A snapper. Last night a friend stopped by to show me a fish he caught, I think it was the same fish!

Last night I went back to the beach with my binoculars and looked for Messier Objects. I want to try to find all the ones I can see with binoculars. Now I can lay on the beach all day AND all night!

Red Eyes

I went out with my binoculars to the canals where it’s nice and dark. I could shine my light down into the water and see many pairs of red eyes…. spooooooky! And there were big creatures splashing in the water that I never saw! With the binoculars, I saw a lot of cool stuff, but you know what? They make me want a telescope!

Yesterday morning, at exactly 5:16AM, my phone started receiving text messages. “Your SIM card has been updated by Digicel. Please turn your phone off then back on again”. I turned it off and on and started getting messages “You have new messages, Please dial 123” I’d dial 123 and have a message of someone hanging up. This happened several times before I quit dialing 123 and playing their games. Around 11:00, wondering how late the OI girl is going to sleep, I pick up my phone, and find I have a voice message from the OI Girl, funny, the phone never rang. Using my house phone, I called my cell phone, and it goes straight to voice mail and doesn’t even ring. Basically, they messed with the system and my Treo doesn’t work now. My old Nokia does. I called and complained, but nobody got back to me. I’m a little P.O’d!! Plus they had to do it at 5 on a Saturday morning.
story to be continued….
his afternoon I’m supposed to go freediving with that girl. I don’t really want to.