Heimlich maneuver

This morning I have to be at work early. I’m leaving here at 6.
Yesterday I was working on my busted up satellite dish and the ladder tipped over. I fell pretty hard and almost broke my leg and hurt my ribs. Basically I landed on my left side and my whole left side hurts. Last night in bed I couldn’t do anything but lay on my back. I couldn’t roll over or lay on my side. Getting up and laying down was painful.
Then when I got home yesterday, I was eating some fried chicken and I almost choked to death. I was thinking “This is very dry. I need something to drink”. I got up and didn’t make it to the fridge before I started choking and if I was in public, someone would have tried the Heimlich maneuver on me. It was disgusting.
I slept really good last night and I feel a lot better this morning.
I never did get to buy that tick treatment yesterday. Today I will for sure, because tomorrow the exterminator is coming, although I haven’t seen any ticks yesterday or yet today.


My dog has ticks. I pulled at least 20 off of him yesterday. I am finding them inside too. I have an exterminator coming Friday to spray the apartment. First my neighbor 2 doors down had them, then next door, and now me.

Oh by the way, starting today, the days start getting longer in the northern hemisphere! Summer is coming for all you snowed-in people up there!

So far…

..so good! It’s Tuesday, and Monday was OK. I’ll be busy today, trying to get a bent satellite dish to work. I took all the mashed up parts off and have just the round dish. It is a little bent and I’ll see if I can get any signal on it. I got some un-bent parts off of a dish that was damaged in hurricane Ivan.
I didn’t dive yesterday, my buddies were unavailable. Perhaps today..
I’m restless and discontented about something else too. I thought The OI girlwas perfect. She’s everything I ever wanted. She’s pretty, she likes the outdoors, she likes the beach and diving. We have the same opinions and interests. But something isn’t right. There’s no spark, no flame. When we were on vacation, there were times we were both quiet, nothing to say. To me it was OK, I don’t think we need to chatter all the time. But it bothered her. Now, since it bothered her, I’ve been seeing things in a different light and it bothers me. I used to say “the brightest flame burns out first” and thought that it was a good sign that we would make it, but now I don’t know.
I promised myself, “No long distance relationships” and now what am I doing? I make a rule and then make an exception to the rule.
I don’t want to hurt the OI girl. I really don’t. I can’t exactly identify what is wrong.
Someone once told me that
a couple doesn’t need to have the same interests. She also said that every relationship I get into will be a disaster untill I find the right person. I think she may be right.

First thing this morning

My plan was, wake up on time (5AM), put my rebreather together, go to work and get off and go for a dive.
I woke up this morning to the sound of static. BOTH my stations were off the air. (I swear this can’t be happening to any other radio station anywhere). I got up, drove to the transmitter site and fixed them both. The power to one of the outlets was gone and I had to plug one transmitter in somewhere else and reset the other one. (It didn’t automatically reset because of loss of power to the same outlet. Apparently there was a power failure last night and did some damage to the buildings wiring.

Did I mention I had a rough week last week? Did I mention that last week my first words to any other living human being were “Fuck you too asshole! I’m not the one driving on the sidewalk!” Last Monday I was driving to work in creeping traffic. A mini bus comes driving up the shoulder, trying to get ahead of everybody. There was some trees and brush in a section and he couldn’t get by. So he starts coming over into my lane, trying to intimidate me. So I leaned on the horn. He opened his door and yelled “fuck you asshole”. So I yelled back. I wish he’d a gotten out of his bus, I was realy pissed off. He shut his door and that was all I heard from him. But I was thinking, “What a way to start the week, I hope this isn’t an indication of how my week will be.
Well, it was a pretty fair indication of how my week went. So I’m wondering what this mornings incident indicates… That I will be useful and efficent all week? I hope so.
I don’t need another week like last week…

sick day yesterday

Wednesday was my worst day at work ever. I had a huge all day fight with my boss and another person here.

Then I went home, took a shower and OI girl and I went to the party. Then I had to go straight back to work for “just a minute”. OI Girl was asleep in the car when I came out a half hour later.
Then I got her home about midnight and we went to sleep. At 2:30 I woke up and heard a problem on the radio and went back again! I got home at about 3:30 and the alarm went off at 5.
Yesterday OI Girl and I both called in sick.
We were anything but!
That’s why I didn’t post yesterday!!

first break, I like it

I am all dressed and ready to go to work. I have my coffee, strong and black. The dog is outside after his walk. I have about 40 minutes before I have to leave, it is still dark outside but there is a faint glow to the east. I just discovered my shirt on inside-out and fixed it. I really like this time of day. My first spurt of energy expended and now I get to rest for a few minutes.
We got back yesterday afternoon, the OI Girls work xmas party was fun. Tonight is my work’s xmas party. She’s in my bed sleeping. As luck would have it, a friend of her’s is here too (not at my house, but on this island) and they will be hanging out today.
Yesterday I was hanging out at the hotel pool while OI Girl was working. I got a lot of sun, I was red yesterday but not today. Lucky me.
I have to work a lot of hours today, an outside broadcast at 2, the talk show at 4, then traffic at 5 and the party at 7.
Sitting here now may be the last time I sit anywhere all day!