Twas a good day

Saturday evening (last night) I went to the emergency room because the pain in my side was getting worse and worse. They X-rayed and found nothing wrong and gave me some painkillers. Last night was the first time I could sleep in several days. I slept a lot today. I said OI Girl was coming Sunday, but I had my days mixed up. She’s coming tomorrow, which is Monday (it feels like Sunday to me since I worked all day yesterday)
Here, tomorrow is the holiday for Xmas, Tuesday is Boxing Day holiday, I have Wednesday off. (I bet my boss calls at least twice), then back to work Thursday. I’m already working New Years Eve…
I hope everyone had a good Xmas

0 responses to “Twas a good day

  1. Sorry you had to go to the Er but I am glad you saw a doctor. Take it easy and enjoy your day off with rest. I hope you and the Ol Girl have a great holiday together. Yeah for the Redskins. I can get behind them this season. My team the Titans suck. Enough said.What is up with the word verifications. They are 400 letters long.

  2. I’m glad you saw a doctor. Hope things get better. Have a good time with OI girl! Hey, I’m thinking about coming to the Caymans. I need help choosing a place. Will you email me? Not sure if your email is working or not!

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