I got a call last night at 12:20, we were off the air. I got up, drove to the station, got my tools and keys, drove to the transmitter, fixed it, went back to the station, dropped everything off, came home, went to bed about 2:30. Then at 5AM the alarm went off, and now it’s back to work.
Why doesn’t the equipment ever fail in the daytime? Why always must it be at night?
Anyway, the problem I found when I went out there is that the AC quit working. I’ll be out there again this morning, waiting on the AC repairman.
I’ve already put in two hours today, I hope I get to take off early!

0 responses to “Exhaustificated

  1. I used to carry a pager for my job supporting computer batch processing for a major corp. The thing would undoubtably go off at midnight just as I was falling asleep.

  2. [Shudder] …At the thought of getting up so stinkin early at all! Let alone after having had to get up and be out in the middle of the night. :/ I hope you were able to get off early and get some R&R.

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