Sunday Night at WORK!!

I’m at work, right now I am copying files from one drive to the other, so I thought I’d post a quick post.
I went diving as planned, but this time I really have to retire my old wetsuit, I was putting it on and it ripped. Here’s a pic of the rip in the side. When I was taking it off, it ripped even worse. I bought that wetsuit in 1985 when I was visiting my parents to wear in Hawaii. I never made it back to Hawaii, I accidentally ended up on the East Coast of the US for 11 years before I came here. It was a good wetsuit. If anybody finds a 3mm farmer john wetsuit with the zipper in the front, let me know! I want another!
The dive today was good, I was crinkling the bottle, my buddy said he saw a shark but I didn’t see it. The visibility wasn’t very good, and the current was going down! It was warmer deep than shallow. When we got near the surface, we could look up and see it was raining really hard. In this underwater pic of my dive buddy swimming up to the boat, maybe you can tell it’s raining. There’s another boat tied up behind ours, you can barely see it. It’s my buddys friends boat.
Here’s the same boat, following us back, you can tell it’s raining in this one.

Anticipating Wetness

I am all set to go diving. My rebreather is sitting by the door, undergoing the negative pressure test. This is my first time (diving) in a long time. I can’t wait. I am very eager to go.
I have another stupid theory to bounce off-a-ya. My theory is that diving makes me sane, the longer I go without diving, the more insane I become. Actually I don’t think it’s the diving, but an element of the diving. I think something in diving cleanses the mind.

Last week at work I was stressing real bad and I thought, “gee, it would be nice if I was married, because sex would be a perfect way to use this stress, and If I was married, (or had a steady girlfriend) then I could go home and have sex.” then I started thinking about how I might actually start to WANT to have bad days, then I could go home after work-

me: “Honey! I’m home! I had a REAL BAD day at work!”
her: “Oh goody! I’m glad! I’m right here! in the bedroom! I can make it alllll better!”

This probably happens for everybody all the time but me. You’re probably thinking “he doesn’t already know this??! Uh- no, I just thunk of it!

Anyway, after diving, I’m going back to work, I worked yesterday, took that new board that failed back and traded it in for another new one, and I am re-configuring the computer again. It’s not so bad this time as I’ve done it before and can move along fairly smoothly. (This time I lost my drive partition and all my data. bummer. You know me though- rebreather diver=backup.)
Got it covered

Where’s my Nine?

What a day! Work wise, not the greatest… I feel like I keep saying that!
My repaired computer died. Died hard. It cut off after a commercial. Blank screen. Shut down, won’t boot, dead. This was when I was ready to walk out the door at the end of the day. Before that, two link receivers died at the main transmitter site.
Now I bet you are thinking that I must have some kind of black cloud hanging over my head, and lately it seems I do, but not usually. It just had been recently. And it really isn’t my fault, just bad luck I rekkon.
As a typical example of what kind of weird things have been happening to me lately, I took this picture of my phone just a few minutes ago after I was playing cards and came up with an incomplete deck. If I had a nine, I would win. It should be there, there’s no cards hidden! Where’s the nine? Whoever heard of an incomplete deck on an electronic game with electronic cards? Sometimes you just have to laugh!
This doesn’t happen to normal people!!!

long night

Last night was a long night.
I stayed up late, went to bed almost midnight. I slept and slept. I woke up thinking it was almost morning. But it was 1:45. So I slept and slept some more. Woke up again, I was sure it was almost morning. it was 3:30 ish. So I slept and slept some more.
I woke up again, It MUST be time to get up now. It was 4:40. OK, 20 minutes to go. I lay there an hour (it seems)… 4:51 Dang!
5:00 the alarm goes off. Finally! Sheesh! I slept two weeks last night!
Here I am. Going to get ready for work now!
Good Morning!!!!
I went for a run again, took a shower and am drinking coffee. I forgot to mention that I got a call yesterday, the Turtle Beach Walks are officially done for the season. At least I found one! AND I asked her to call me when they go look for hatchlings. (Not Bio girl, forget her!)


This morning I got up and went for a run. Then I drove to work in the pouring pouring rain and when I got there, I installed that computer, connected it to the network and moved the announcers back in from the other studio. I had a rough time making it connect to the network at first and I was getting angry and frustrated, but finally everything clicked into place and its going good! Then I went for lunch and took a nap. I kind of felt guilty for not going to the beach and swimming and getting some exercise. I told myself I DID run this morning, but I feel guilty anyway.
I lost my temper at work today, I had a broadcast this afternoon and I called in to do the mic check and the announcer was doing an interview in the studio. The interview was supposed to be over at 5 and it was after 5, So I felt justfied in getting pissed off. For me, there is no such thing as justifiable anger. I also got mad yesterday when the same announcer was doing another interview in the studio the talk show was on. I never had a chance to test the equipment, there were problems, and a 1 hour talk show started 10 minutes late.
I have a theory. It is stupid, but here goes: My brain sits in a teacup full of water. there is a tiny pump with a filter that circulates the water and cleans it. When the water is clear, I feel great! When I get angry, the cause of my anger is like someone dropping a teabag into the water and it gets colored. Even after the source of anger goes away, (someone takes the teabag out) The water stays colored untill the filter has a chance to make the water clear again. The filter isn’t terribly efficent. As long as the water isn’t clear, I don’t feel as good as I like to. That’s why I get angry quick and get over it slow. Is that a stupid theory or what? I think I get angry easier than most people, but get over it quicker, which isn’t too good, because I get mad, then they get mad back, then I get over it, but they’re still mad at me, then I feel like guilty for getting mad, and I’m under their assault.
Right now I feel bad that I lost my temper, and I hate it every time I do that. I wish I could not get angry.
But now I’m going for a bike ride.


After almost a week of
Banging my head against the wall,

I finally got that computer fixed. 

Thank You! Thank You!
It shouldn’t have taken so long.
(it WAS the first time I ever worked on/configured a RAID)
If there’s no further problems, I can get it installed and working tomorrow!
(I can’t remember exactly where I stole these pics from… but it was from other blogs!)

I always see triangles

The first thing I saw whan I walked outside for the dogs walk was a huge triangle in the sky. I said to myself’ “I never noticed THAT before!” . The triangle was formed by three stars, one, which I already knew, was Pollux, as in Castor and Pollux, as in the Twins, AKA the constellation Gemini. The other two I had to look up. Number two was Procyon, the brightest star in the constellation Cannis Minor, the Little Dog. And the third, wasn’t a star, it was the planet Saturn. That’s why I never saw that triangle before, because Saturn moves rapidly in relation to the stars and probably as soon as tomorrow or certainly next week, my triangle will be gone. But this morning, it was a perfect triangle of bright stars in a lightening sky. Pointing east.
I always see triangles in the sky, I don’t really know why. I can recognize a triangle by the difference in the three angles and they always seem to jump out at me. When stargazing, I start with a known constellation, then I jump from triangle to triangle to find the constellation I am looking for. I’m not always looking for three bright stars either, sometimes its three that are of the same magnitude (brightness) in a group of brighter stars. For example, Centaurs neck has a triangle of three dim stars in it. Centaur is a very complex constellation. At the astronomy meetings, they sometimes ask me where a certian constellation is. It makes me feel good. They are all much better astronomers than I, with telescopes and knowledge. I just can find the constellations. (I always look at a map before I go, to be familiar in advance)
Sometimes I look up an don’t recognize a thing.
I picked a star as my favorite when I was a little boy. I could always find it by its triangle, and it was red. I didn’t know at the time, but the constellation was Orion, the the red star I picked was Betelgeuse. You can find its triangle if you look.
(I am using red text so it doesn’t destroy your night vision.)
Laying in bed this morning, I decided I wasn’t going to post today. I didn’t have anything to say. Then I saw that triangle…