Southwest wind

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I noticed the wind was coming from the SW, which is unusual. the night before, I could hear waves crashing on SMB (Seven Mile Beach) from my front porch. It’s a 4 minute walk so guess SMB is an eighth or quarter mile away. It’s pretty rough if ou can hear the waves from here. (In Cayman, rough is 3-5 foot waves, wich is considered flat in other places.)
The wreck of the Carrie Lee is on the SW corner of the island, so it was too rough to dive there. It was rough on the north too, so we ended up blending some gasses instead of diving. The current can be very strong.
This morning when the alarm went off I listened to the news and turned it off and went back to sleep. I just woke up and 7:30-ish. I slept really late huh? Are you proud of me?
So today I hope to dive but don’t expect to. Maybe I’ll make it to the beach or clean my apartment.
Does your spell checker work on this edit post window? mine doesn’t seem to.

0 responses to “Southwest wind

  1. I don’t consider 7:30am sleeping in late, but it’s all relative. I can be proud if you want!I hope you get to dive today, I won’t be able to until next weekend (cooler sinking hopefully). Have fun whatever you do.

  2. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday. 🙂 Sleeping until 7:30 isn’t sleeping in to me either, but yes, it’s relative. lolOh, and my spell checker works when I’m editing posts.

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