Every morning when I walk my dog, I can tell that it’s getting darker and darker, because the sun is coming up later and later. This morning that singing bird I’ve mentioned wasn’t there. The first day of summer is the longest day, after that they get shorter until the first day of winter.
This morning I feel kind of “Plaino” I don’t feel good or bad, happy or sad. Just Plaino. I think I invented a new word. I always wonder how does someone know how they feel? compared to what? The only reference is how they felt at a different time. There’s no way for a person to know how they feel compared to someone else. Maybe my “plaino” is someone elses estatic, or vice versa. Yesterday, when I walked outside, it was fantastic- EUREKA! This morning was just…..plaino.
I wonder whatever happened to that mouse in my storage box? And if he’ll cohabitate with all the curleytail lizards that live there too, or if someone’ll move out? I’d rather have the lizards.
This girl from work brought in her computer for me to fix. I added a hard drive and now it won’t boot up. No video, nothing, just some beeps. I’m thinking the power supply or video card went bad. Of course, she’s going to think I broke it. I would hate to give it back to her in worse shape than when she gave it to me. I want to fix it and be a hero, not stumble through and be a screwup. You see, that’s the problem, I wanted to fix her computer to make myself look good, not to be helpful, and because of my impure motive, I get punished.
Today is my split shift day, I take a looong lunch
hour and then work late for a live program. I like the long lunch hour. I go to the beach and take a shower before I go back to work. I need some time at the beach. Remember how I’ve been complaining about the past few weekends being cloudy? I like the sun!

Time for bed

Not much to write about tonight.
I got my car back today. It seems to be ok, a stuck valve was the problem. the rental car costed more than the repair, (I’m NOT complaining)
And I went diving, finally. It was my 100th rebreather dive. We were underwater for 59 minutes. My total time underwater with my rebreather is 8930 minutes. There was a pretty strong current and great visibility.
Also, before the dive I ate at Burger King, and that was a mistake.
good night!


My alarm goes off every day at 5:00AM. On a good day, I wake up at 4:35 and say “yes! I can sleep a little more!” and snooze till 5 then pop tall, shave, make coffee and shower (in that order) then get dressed and take my coffee for a walk, with my dog. I mean, I take my dog for a walk, with my coffee.

This morning there was a lot of thunder and lightning coming from two cloudbanks separated by a swath of pre-sunrise blue sky. The bottom of one was a peculiar orange and the bottom of the other was red red. I got the impression they were communicating. first one would thunder and flash lightning, then the other would reply. Back and forth. Although the orange one was more scary looking than the red one, I got the feeling he was the good guy. Yes, now that I think about it, I am sure they were arguing about something. My dog didn’t want to stay outside, which is most unusual, I guess he’s scared of the cloudbattle.

Also, I got an interesting email this morning. An invitation from a spammer to beceome a spammer too! Isn’t that nice? Do they think I always wanted to be a spammer? Would you like to be a spammer too? Just answer this ad! I wonder how much spam that’d getcha!
(not a link, but you can click to view image exactly the same size as it is here, on a page all by itself)

He shoots! – HE SCORES!!!!!

As you know, my car has been giving me problems. I took to the repair shop and they said it needed a new transmission. After thinking about it, I found it hard to believe because I had the filter cleaned a while back and I was told the transmission was “perfect”. Also I found out from the receptionist (who happens to be totally hot) that their transmission mechanic was off the island.
Last week, I went there and told them I didn’t believe the transmission needed to be replaced.
There was no trauma, I wasn’t pulling anything, nothing happened to make it go bad, it didn’t make any noises, it just quit because the fluid just isn’t flowing properly, that’s all. I told them I wanted them to check it again.
I went back today and it was parked in the same spot. I took a guess that it hadn’t been moved since I saw it last. I confronted the owner for not looking at it properly and accused his mechanic of troubleshooting it by driving it to the corner, seeing the problem I described, and saying “it needs a new transmission” without even opening it up to take a look. (I took a shot in the dark, and scored a direct hit!!!!) I said I knew that it wasn’t dead and I wanted it fixed. I couldn’t afford a rental car while mine sits in their parking lot. Of course I had to do all this and still look cool for the abovementioned totally gorgeous receptionist.

They called this evening and said it was finished, $300. That’s a lot better than $2200.
Whooo Hoooo!

Dannng! Talk About A Conversation Killer!

I guess nobody liked my zackleys joke, Not a peep from anyone after that! Jeez! Sorry! I’m not the one who invented the zackleys ya know, its not my fault! In grade school this kid in my class told me he invented diarrhea, he was being serious too.
Since I got home from the hurricane, I’ve been asleep, almost 12 hours of deep deep sleep. Now it’s bedtime and I have to go to bed, but…. I’m not tired.
I feel cheated because I’ve had 3 weekends in a row ripped off because of bad weather. My last dive was July 4th.
I have a friend in Cozumel, so I’m still tracking the hurricane, hope they’re as lucky as we were. They should be feeling it right now. The eye looks like it’s closer to Cozumel that it was to us. He has a rebreather too and he emailed and said he had it all ready to go in case he needs to spend some hours underwater. He’s a cave diver and my deep diving buddy and I know he isn’t joking. He will go in an underwater cave and wait out the storm there.

Hurricane wait

10:30 PM (Saturday night)
I’m at work, the hurricane has begun. I got here, first thing I found was that the hurricane comittee radio wasn’t working. I fixed it (replaced burnt power supply) and now I’m hiding out in my office number two. I’m just going to keep adding to this all night post if anything happens worth mentioning.
4:07 AM (Sunday Morning)
Took a nap on the Radio Cayman sofa, woke up with the zackleys, so I had to brush my teeth. Do you know what the zackleys are?
The hurricane has passed its closest point. It is raining, but not too hard and the wind is blowing but nowhere near hurricane force.
I have rescued two frogs from inside our building and put them outside. Also, eariler, I was cleaning up outside my apartment and I found a mouse in my outside storage box. We stared and each other for probably almost a minute before he ran off. I would bet he is back in there now. I have noticed my dogs peculiar interest in that box for a couple weeks.
7:01 AM Well, it’s light outside. We really didn’t have any wind at all. It blew for maybe a couple of minutes. I am surprised and kind of puzzled. There wasn’t much rain either. I expected a lot more wind and rain.
8:52AM I’m going back home, Huricane’s over. Time for a hot shower and a big time nap.

Hurricane time again!

Well, it’s dark and I’m going to work. The sunset was very red this evening, there is a lot of clouds and the wind is starting to pick up.
It looks like the hurricane won’t hit us too bad but we’ll definitely get some tropical storm force winds.
I went swimming this evening and the water was nice and calm. My dog, Ditto, went swimming too then had a double shampoo shower, toenails trimmed, and is coming to work with me. Another girl is bringing her dog too. My dog is well trained (militantly, I’m afraid) and was at the station for the last hurricane with no complaints (to my face) and many compliments on being so well behaved. I’m afraid that dogs will no longer be welcome after this with her dog there, a little hyper, poop and pee all over the place, teeny tiny curly haired fuzzdog. But who am I to complain? Nobody, that’s who!
I am aware of a feeling that this is NOT the last hurricane of this season!!
Anyway I’m taking my laptop and all my electronics (camera, mp3 player, external hard drive with tons of moovies, chargers, etc) and some clothes and a cooler and my rebreather of course. I am NOT taking my tent and camp stove and stuff like that! Hoping for the best.