I feel it coming on..

Woke up late this morning, 5:35. Clouds look like they’re going away (it got cloudy just before noon yesterday), its Friday. I gotta funny feeling I might be getting sick around lunchtime and have to take the afternoon off. I think about a one hour dive this afternoon might be the cure I need. Or an afternoon on the beach.
Of course, the days I feel like this are usually the busiest, most chaotic, work-late days of them all.
Weee shall seeeeee…………

0 responses to “I feel it coming on..

  1. Hi!This is also the first time I blog. Hope u have a job because I just lost mine. U know losing your job can be quite an experience and u need a lot of resolve to overcome the fear. Have u lost your job before? If so can let me know how u deal with it? Thank you so much!

  2. Dang Mark, you get all the freaks lately don’t you? You Killer you! 😉 Personally I think you should say screw it and take the afternoon off. In fact, I insist. Afterall it is national screw-off day.

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