Well, I got spammed. I am apparently being punished for someone named “killer”
I don’t even know who “killer” is.
I know how the spammer did it, just paste and post the comment, then hit the back button and post it again. and again.
Here’s a sample:

Glue Factory Bob said…
oh boy — poor you. you have to put up with the consequences of killer’s actions. please do mention something to him about the evils of spam wont you?
such a shame that you keep such poor company. i am sorry for what i am about to do to you. but someone, namely killer’s little pals need to explain to him that when you go around spamming someone, you never know when it’s gonna come back around and bite everyone in the ass. please help me educate him wont you?

8:29 AM


Glue Factory Bob said…


it was pages and pages of this, each on a separate “comment”.

0 responses to “Spammed

  1. Sorry you got spammed, I did too as you noticed. So much for “freedom of speech” eh? I’m not sure how to fix this yet, but I hope it’s the end of him. I hate that picture he has too.

  2. I’m afraid to click on that link. I might get spammed too. If you have the blog counter thingy on your page you can ban his IP address, then he can’t even get on your site. It’s think the picture was of my ex, or maybe it is prettier than my ex actually.

  3. Sorry Mark You made one post on my site and Bob took that and ran with it. Thanks to daisy for the link to blogpatrol. Again sorryMark….MarkD60 said… not worth your time to even look at that blog.

  4. Okay – I’m going to show my ignorance – I don’t understand :o(From your post I’m thinking someone left loads of the same comment for you, am I on the right track?

  5. Yes, you are correct. I didn’t really count them, but I think it was 22 long long comments with nothing but “killer is a …” on one post and 16 of the same on another. Plus a couple explanitory comments.

  6. From that idiot’s comments thread, Anonymous writes: lets just all talk about hating something that everyone hates: the Jews… cheap niggersSee? Start off writing a pile of crap about hating horses, and look at the flies that come ’round. Yeesh!

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