my feet

Today after work I went out on my Kayak, I paddled out to the wreck of the Doc Polson and went snorkeling and paddled and up and down the beach a little. It was really nice. Sometimes there is a lot of boat traffic but today I had the entire Caribbean Sea to myself!

new car radio

I got a new car radio yesterday
and it is terrific.
If I say “Rock” it plays rock and roll.
If I say “Rap” it plays rap.
If I say “Love” it plays love songs.
Three kids ran out in front of the car
and I said
“F … ing kids!”

And it played Michael Jackson!

Well, Well, Well,

I swam today and did the mile swim in 36 minutes and 59 seconds, that’s the unofficial time, from my stopwatch. My official time will probably be a few seconds less because I started timing after the starting “horn” and stopped after I had crossed the finish line and stood up.
And guess what else? I won an airline ticket in the random prize drawing at the end. I can go anywhere Cayman Airways goes, free! It’s the first time I ever won an expensive prize like that, ever in my life. (Once I won a transistor radio worth about $10 and once a submarine ride worth about $35 and that is it.)
There were 361 swimmers, compared to over 500 last year. But this year, there’s less people on the island.
The fastest was 13 minutes and a few seconds! I can’t even do a half mile in 13 minutes. The winner was 15 seconds shy of the course record. In the past 8 years, I have swam in 7 of the Flowers Mile Swims.
Anyway it was a pretty good day.

Flowers Sea Swim

Today is the Flowers One Mile Sea Swim, It is an annual sea swim. I have swam in 7 of the past 8. I am kind of dreading todays because I have not been training at all.
Before Hurricane Ivan, I was getting a lot more exercise than I am now. I ran a little and swam a lot, like almost every day. After the storm, I worked and worked like everybody else and it seems like I’m still working. I’ve been diving quite a bit I guess, but the daily beach and exercise and fun and sun seem to have evaporated. A lot of people I talk to say the same thing.
Hopefully I can finish in 40 minutes or less.

Ramblings of someone with nothing to talk about

My rebreather part is now in the UK. I dropped it off an 2 PM on the 14th and it arrived at 9 AM on the 16th. How long do you think I should wait before I call?

Since my rebreather’s Out Of Comission, and I don’t have anything to talk about, I’d lke to point out the link on the right side of the page over there —> called Earth View. I really like that web page. It shows the Earth and where it is light and where it’s dark right now. You can click on the map for a zoom in and change the settings under the map. It’s really cool to compare June 21 and December 21, also March 21 or September 21, which both look the same. If you click the guys name at the bottom it goes to his really good page with all kinds of stuff. (I don’t know him, I just think it’s an interesting page.)

I also think it is very cool that I read about the things on the news and then hear about them from you first hand. For example, I heard about the California earthquake on the news, then I cruise my regular blogs and there is someone I kinda know who was in it!

Work has been busy, I have two new FM Broadcast antennas that seem to be missing parts. When they delivered it was a whole truck almost as big as an 18 wheeler full – and no paperwork! They’re sitting in the grass next to the tower, waiting to be installed.
I have a new billing computer that arrived damaged that I have to fix. I got it working already but it still can’t see one of the hard drives because the RAID board is smashed. I will fix it tomorrow by cannabalizing one part of the board to fix the other.
I have to set up for a press conference tomorrow morning at 9.
I have to go check out a site where the sales department is having an outside broadcast Saturday.
Also I have to go to the bank and Post Office. (In Cayman, there is no mail delivery system, you have to go pick up your mail, and you have to go to the Post Office to mail something.)
And I feel like I’m forgetting something else I can’t remember right now.
Not to mention my list with ton of little things, non critical.
I have to call about my rebreather too.

Well, for not having anything to say I said a lot. It’s way past my bedtime. GOOD NIGHT!

Also, I really like reading everyones comments and I really appreciate them all!

Need some purple!

Officially Beached

Well, I am officially beached.I had to send a part of my rebreather off for repair. remember I told you one of the green LED’s quit? Well, the other green quit too. So I sent it back to the UK for repair. The US representitive PROMISED a quick turnaround time.

This is a Giant Green Parrotfish from yesterdays dive, They eat coral and you can hear the scraping sound when they eat. I carry an inexpensive camera, in an underwater housing, rated to 100 feet, which I have taken to 160. I it fits in my pocket and if I see something to take a picture of, I take it, but I usually don’t get good results. I have an Nikonos V underwater camera with a 15mm lens that is a really really good camera, but I just don’t like fooling with it, film and “O” rings and the flash and the cable and putting it together and taking it apart and it is just a pain in the butt.

Giant Green Parrotfish